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South Shore Festival Calendar

Find out all that's going on in the region.

The southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul offers a number of unique festivals and cultural events throughout the year. We curate all the best events offered by our team, by the local yurt camps, and by organizations who offer cultural activities in South Shore. In South Shore, you'll never run out of things to do that make your trip memorable. Many of the main annual festivals are listed below, but keep checking back for updates as villages and other local groups like to put on their own festivals!

Teskey-Jeek Ethno-Festival

Teskey-Jeek Ethno-Festival

The Teskey-Jeek Ethno-Fest will take place on July 15th, 2021, in Issyk-Kul's South Shore. During this day, you will have a unique opportunity to see and take part in different Kyrgyz nomadic traditions and performances such as golden eagle hunting (Salbuurun), yurt-building competition, horseback and national games, traditional music, handicraft demonstrations and traditional Kyrgyz cooking, etc.

Where : House of Manaschi Sayakbay Karalayev, Ton vil. , Issyk-Kul obl.

Ticket price : 700 KGS (include lunch)

Contact : +996 772 67 33 07 or southshoreik@gmail.com (transport and accommodation)

Teskey-Jeek Ethno-Fest

Birds of prey Festival

The Birds of Prey Festival is a must-see if you plan a visit in the area of Issyk kul's South Shore on August 14th, 2021. It takes place every year in the beginning of the month. Fifteen falconers from around Issyk kul's compete here with their eagles, hawks and falcons.

This tradition was born in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. Since ancient times, birds of prey were used by hunters and warriors. They caught young chicks at home and train them to hunt animals. Golden Eagle or falcon were treated as a member of family. Later, during Middle age, it became popular in Europe. Did you know that one bird is able to feed a full village ? Now, birds of prey are mostly used for folklore and sport.

During Birds of Prey Festival, you can see demonstration of hunting with a Golden Eagle, traditional kyrgyz games like Arkan, Tartmay, Zholuk or Tastamay, folklore show, exhibition and sale of handicrafts and souvenirs and of course taste kyrgyz cuisine.

Where : Region Tong, Jaichy  yurt camp (southern lakeshore of Issyk-Kul Lake, near Kok-Sai Village)

Entrance fee : 850 KGS

Contact : +996 772 67 33 07 or + 996 779 45 50 45 or cbtbokonbaevo@gmail.com

Birds of Prey


Agro Festival

For the first time, Agro Festival will be helded in Yurt camp Jaichy on July 2nd, 2021, in Issyk kul's South Shore. Everyone who is interested in agrotourism is invited to join. Immerse yourself in the family of a Kyrgyz farmer.

Where : Region Tong, Jaichy yurt camp (southern lakeshore of Issyk-Kul Lake, near Kok-Sai Village)

Entrance fee : 500 KGS

Contact : +996 557 55 64 55 or yurtcampjaichy@mail.ru

Nooruz Festival

Buy ticket to Nooruz Festival

Buy ticket to Nooruz Festival


Agro Festival

Photos from Previous Festivals in the South Shore of Issyk-Kul Lake