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Yurt Building Workshop

Build your own Kyrgyz yurt with local masters!

Yurts are an essential element of Kyrgyz culture. The yurt offers a deep connection to they country's nomadic traditions. Used by nomads during ancient times, the yurt is remarkable in that it has kept the same design and function throughout millennia. Our tour offers you the unique opportunity to not only to learn how yurts are constructed (and why they are the perfect shape for nomads!), but to join master builders as you take a hands-on approach to building your own yurt.

Tour Highlights

  • Build your own yurt together with local artisans.
  • Discover the symbolism of a traditional Kyrgyz yurt and learn the importance of yurts for nomads.
  • Enjoy tea and local snacks inside the yurt you just built.

Buy your own yurt

You can choose any size you would like and create your favorite design. The yurt will be made in only 20 days and it will be send by truck to your country. Other option is to receive in your country one or two master builders. You can use your yurt as a comfy home in your country, for your customers if you have a touristic business or for decoration in movies or in games. Please, ask us for prices.

Yurt Building Workshop

1 Hour  | from 1,300 KGS / person

What Others Say About This Tour

"Once the demonstration is over you are then welcomed inside the newly-built yurt to enjoy tea and snacks. A wonderful experience, and definitely one of the best things to do in Issyk Kul."

Alesha & Jarryd

Tour Details


All year long, upon request

Start Time

Upon request


1 hour (+ approx. 50 minutes for transport)

Good For

Adults, families, children


English, Russian


Rain or shine

Minimum Group Size

5 persons


Felt Museum, Kyzyl-Tuu village

Price Includes:

- English speaking guide
- Tea and refreshments
- Transport to/from Kyzyl-Tuu village from Bokonbaevo

Additional Offerings:

- Alcoholic drinks and/or other refreshments available for purchase.

Additional Information

Yurts, or typical Central Asian nomadic dwellings, serve as a strong and lasting connection between past, present, and future generations of Kyrgyz people. A typical yurt is composed of individual parts that usually take about a month to construct, but can then be used for decades. Traditional yurts are constructed without the use of a single nail. The entire structure can then be easily assembled and taken down. Once deconstructed, a yurt is easy to transport to a new location. A perfect dwelling for Kyrgyz nomads!

Nomads traditionally use natural materials to build their dwellings — felt made of wool, wood from the forests, and red minerals to paint the yurt’s frame. The wooden circular frame of the yurt consists of a door-frame, or bosogo, and several expanding lattice wall-sections, called kerege. Anyone visiting a yurt easily can identify the tunduk, the crowning circle at the top of the yurt used to admit sunlight into the yurt’s interior.

There is deep symbolism in the shape, design, fabrics, and colors that compose a yurt. Even today, yurts not only serve as a common and recognizable dwelling of Central Asia’s nomadic people, but also as testaments to a commitment to preserving tradition in Kyrgyzstan. The people of Kyzyl-Tuu, a village along South Shore that is home to the masters of this ancient tradition and art form, look forward to sharing their skills and rich heritage with you.

Meeting Point and Tour Location

The meeting point is at the Destination South Shore office at Toichubekov Culture House in the center of Bokonbaevo (37 B. Mambetov Street). We will provide transport to the Felt Museum in the village of Kyzyl-Tuu where the yurt building workshop and experience takes place.