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Salbuurun Demonstration

Experience the nomadic spirit.

In ancient times, nomadic warriors gathered in groups and rode with their golden eagles, taigan dogs, and bows and arrows to hunt for many days on end. This tradition represents the roots of Salbuurun, or traditional Kyrgyz hunting. These extended hunting journeys helped distinguish the most courageous and dexterous hunters, as well as the most agile golden eagles, the most intelligent taigan dogs, and the most resilient horses. Salbuurun was a comprehensive hunting game; today it's akin to an art form. It's the only traditional method of hunting in the world that combines the teamwork of a golden eagle, a taigan dog, and traditional archery while on horseback.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover Salbuurun, traditional Kyrgyz hunting — a combination of golden eagles, taigan dogs, and archers on horseback.

  • Get a sense of true nomadic life through the spirit of traditional hunting.

  • Take an iconic photo with your own golden eagle.

*Note: No animals are killed during the demonstration.

Salbuurun Tour

1 Hour  | from 1,000 KGS/person | groups of 5 persons

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Tour Details


Upon request


10:00 or 16:00 (or upon request)


1 hour (+ 30 minutes for transport)

Good For

Adults, families, children


English, Russian


When not raining

Minimum Group Size

6 (or upon special request)

Meeting Point

Destination South Shore office, Bokonbaevo (see map below)

Included in Price:

- English-speaking guide
- Round-trip transport from Destination South Shore office in Bokonbaevo

Additional Offerings

- Full Salbuurun demonstration: 7000 KGS/90 min
- Classes to craft nomadic
bow and arrows: 2000 KGS/35 min

*Prices may change if shows are arranged outside of the standard show venue

What Others Say About This Tour

"Arguably the most fascinating of all Kyrgyz traditions, and the one that stands out for most tourists to experience, is eagle hunting. Seeing the skills of these men (and sometimes women) in regards to archery and horse riding is fascinating, but the real highlight is of course the eagle hunting."

Alesha & Jarryd

"There are few eagle hunters left in the world and to have the chance to see them at work is a must when visiting Kyrgyzstan."

Dave & Deb

"At the heart of it, Salbuurun is completely Kyrgyz, with nothing else like it in the world, and it is totally unique, combining the best archers, eagles, horses and dogs all together on horseback."

Liz Carlson

Additional Information

Under Soviet times, the techniques and culture behind Salbuurun were discouraged and this nomadic tradition almost died out. The Salbuurun Federation, based in Bokonbaevo, has made considerable effort in the last ten years to preserve these techniques and traditions and bring them back to life to teach younger generations of their importance to Kyrgyz heritage.

Tour Location and Meeting Point

The meeting point is at the Destination South Shore office at Toichubekov Culture House in the center of Bokonbaevo (37 B. Mambetov Street). We will provide transport to where the tour takes place at Salbuurun Ordo, which is just outside Bokonbaevo.