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Kolbel – Bel-Tam Bike Tour

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A one-day easy mountain bike tour for beginners with highlights including the Tashtar-Ata mountain range (3,000 m), considered sacred by locals and used in summer months by Kyrgyz nomads as they tend to grazing cattle and yaks. With a smooth downhill ride allowing along the Jazuu-Kechu river, photo opportunities abound as you make your way back towards Bokonbaevo. Riders end the trek at famous Bel-Tam Yurt Camp, located directly on lake Issyk-Kul. Enjoy the cool and relaxing waters before lunch is served and transport returns you to the center of Bokonbaevo.


  • Tashtar-Ata: Enjoy the massive pasture behind the Tashtar-Ata sacred mountains, which rests at nearly 3,000 meters. Yurts fill this beautiful spot during the summer as Kyrgyz nomads grazing their cattle and yaks in there verdant pasture.
  • Jazuu-Kechu River: You’ll get some serious mileage under your belt as you follow the downhill route along the Jazuu-Kechu River. This is a smooth ride, allowing plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.
  • Bel-Tam Yurt Camp: Option to explore or stay at Bel-Tam Yurt Camp, where you can optionally take a kayak tour, swim in the lake, or just relax.

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