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Handicrafts (Shyrdak) Workshop

1000 сом



Book a workshop to learn about the entire felt-making process from pulling the wool to dyeing it, then you’ll craft your own design on a felt handicraft that you can use to adorn your own home with the spirit and history of Kyrgyzstan.

Tour Highlights

  • Join a workshop to build your own traditional Kyrgyz nomadic carpets (shyrdak and ala-kiyiz).
  • Learn the meaning and stories behind traditional Kyrgyz handicrafts from UNESCO-certified craftswomen.
  • Shop for handmade, fair-trade handicrafts on-site that are designed by women in the Altyn Oimok (Golden Thimble) NGO, an organization offering a livelihood to women in rural and economically-challenged regions of Kyrgyzstan.