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The South Shore of Lake Issyk-Kul is a destination filled with nomadic culture and natural beauty. It's also conveniently located on one of the world's largest salt-water alpine lakes. It's easy to reach South Shore from Bishkek, Karakol, or even further afield. With so many reasons to visit, it makes sense that we have hosted independent travelers, backpackers, and tour groups from all over the world. Most come for our experiences which allow for immersion in all things nomadic — like our yurt camps and cultural tours — while others enjoy trekking and making their way through our unusual natural attractions. All enjoy our world-class Kyrgyz hospitality. 

Below you'll find press, media, and blogosphere stories, photo essays, and impressions of the South Shore and the Destination South Shore team.

You can also view a few videos about South Shore as well.

Note to visiting journalists, bloggers and vloggers: If you are planning a trip to South Shore, please get in touch with us at Destination South Shore prior to your visit.

Articles about South Shore

Issyk-Kul South Shore, Kyrgyzstan Experiential Travel Guide: 20 Ideas to Get Started

Uncornered Market

"The South Shore area of Lake Issyk-Kul stands unique, aided by a twist of history. As the Soviet Union developed other parts of Kyrgyzstan and the region, it more or less left the South Shore untouched, to its own. It wasn’t commercialized for tourism or built up for industry as the northern shore had been. In a way, protected. A visit today feels as though you are experiencing living history."

14 Awesome Things To Do In Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan


"It’s little wonder that Issyk Kul ranks so highly on lists of things to do in Kyrgyzstan, and with the growing number of activities being developed every year it deserves its place on traveller’s itineraries." 

Issyk-Kul Lake: Who knew I could go on a beach vacation in Kyrgyzstan?

Runaway Juno

"Dipping into this crystal clear water after long days of hiking felt like I had everything I needed right here. The water was unbelievably clear, I could see the bottom far away, which was covered with big pebbles. With the shining sun, a bit of breeze, and clear and cold water, I couldn’t believe a place like this existed in the mountains."

Dead Goat Polo & Yurts: An Unlikely Festival in Kyrgyzstan


"There were many highlights during my time in the country, but what I enjoyed perhaps the most was a truncated version of the World Nomad Games, a special ethno-festival on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul where I learned more than I ever imagined about traditional culture in Kyrgyzstan."

Issyk Kul Lake Top 7 – What to see and do on the South Shore

The Planet D

"If you are looking for an off the beaten path destination free from crowds, you may want to make the Lake Issyk Kul region of Kyrgyzstan your next stop! Many people follow the Silk Route overland and spend a little time exploring the north shore of the world's second largest alpine lake, but there are many things to do on the south shore as tourism opens up." 

Ak Zholtoi, the six year old eagle queen of Kyrgyzstan

Young Adventuress

"On my recent trip to Kyrgyzstan I was lucky enough to spend time with the best of the best champion eagle hunters, based on the South Shore of Lake Issyk-Kul and observe their badassery in action." 

A Guide to Issyk Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan

Global Galavanting

"My favourite place around Bokonbayevo was Skazka Canyon, also known as Fairytale Canyon because of all the magical shapes and colours you can make out in the red hued rocks – from the Great Wall of China, castles, dragons, gnomes etc – the only limit is your imagination." 

Kirgistan Guide für Einsteiger: 14 großartige Dinge, die du in Kirgistan erlebt haben solltest

We Travel the World

"In Kirgistan in einer Jurte zu übernachten ist ein MUSS. Dafür musst du noch nicht mal weit in die Berge oder hinaus aufs Land. Es gibt mittlerweile einige tolle Yurt Camps rund um den Issyk Kul See"