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South Shore Festival Calendar

Find out all that's going on in the region.

The southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul offers a number of unique festivals and cultural events throughout the year. We curate all the best events offered by our team, by the local yurt camps, and by organizations who offer cultural activities in South Shore. In South Shore, you'll never run out of things to do that make your trip memorable. Many of the main annual festivals are listed below, but keep checking back for updates!

Kyrgyz Food Festival - 21 March 2018

The goal of this festival is to revive and preserve traditional ways of cooking Kyrgyz national dishes. To this end, the festival includes cooking classes and demonstrations involving preparation of Kyrgyz dishes. A wide variety of foods and dishes will be available to sample.

Location: Eshperov village & Ak Sai village

Ethnofestival Teskey Jeek - 15 July 2018

This is one of the biggest festivals in South Shore. Think of this event like a mini World Nomad Games. You'll be able to enjoy Salbuurun, Kok Boru and other traditional horse games, yurt building competitions, shyrdak and other traditional handicrafts demonstrations, traditional Kyrgyz food exhibitions, and souvenir shopping -- all in one day. Certainly not to be missed!

Location: House of Manaschi Sayakbay Karalayev in Ton village (not far from Bel Tam Yurt Camp). Check in with Destination South Shore closer to the date for information about transport to the event from Bokonbaevo, Bishkek, Karakol and more places.

International Salbuurun Festival - 21 July 2018

The main focus of the Salbuurun Festival is, of course, demonstrations of the different elements of traditional Kyrgyz hunting: archery and hunting with golden eagles and taigans (Kyrgyz hunting dogs). You'll also have an opportunity to see other traditional nomadic horse games like Tyiyin Enmei, Kyz-kuumai, and Kok Boru. And, like any good Kyrgyz festival there will be music, food and lots of yurts.

Location: Uch-Korgon outside of Bokonbaevo. Get in touch with the Sulbuurun Federation, the organizers, closer to the date for all the details.

Apricot Festival Kyzyl Oruk - 4-5 August 2018

Located at Kekilik beach in Ton village, the Apricot Festival helps to promote local apricot cultivation. The aim is to connect farmers, community members and travelers to the importance of agriculture in this region.

Location: Kekilik beach, Ton Village.

Birds of Prey Festival - 11 August 2018

This popular annual festival organized by CBT Bokonbaevo takes place at Jaichy Jailoo about 30 minutes into the hills from Bokonbaevo. The festival is based on the concept of "tradition for the future." The festival program includes: exhibition of hunting birds (e.g., golden eagles, falcons, etc.), traditional horse games, folklore dancing and music, yurt construction, and exhibitions by local artisans.

Location: Jaichy Yurt Camp, Kok Sai Village. Get in touch with CBT Bokonbaevo, the organizers, closer to the date for all the details.