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Boz-Salkyn Yurt Camp

Boz-Salkyn Yurt Camp

Boz-Salkyn Valley
Boz-Salkyn Valley

A yurt camp located on Boz-Salkyn jailoo just 20km from Bokonbaevo. Boz Salkyn is one of the region’s preferred summer pasturing areas for Kyrgyz nomads and shepherds, and it’s also a great spot for travelers hoping to experience Kyrgyzstan’s cultural heritage in a beautiful setting that affords plenty of outdoor adventure nearby.

Prices for Boz-Salkyn Yurt Camp:

  • Home-cooked meals from 350 KGS

Transportation to Boz Salkyn Yurt Camp: From the center of Bokonbaevo: 1000 som / car. For other itineraries the price is 8 soms per km.

Other Services Available:

  • Trekking and horseback riding (daily horse rental=600 som/day)
  • Folklore and music show
  • Salbuurun and golden eagle demonstration
  • Cooking class for traditional Kyrgyz nomadic dishes
  • Organizing kok-boru games and other traditional horse games, from 13,000 KGS
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Languages Spoken
Kyrgyz, English
Season Open
March, April, May, June, July, August, September
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